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Information at your fingertip!


Mykiuar geocodes are connecting location and information. Simply scan the mykiuar code with any free QR reader to take you to your company mykiuar site. Your company mykiuar site will provide the information that is needed to contact or find your business. Worldwide, exact, up to date, verified, free of advertising and in multiple languages.

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One page - all your information!

  • company icon
  • company name
  • company description
  • day/night image
  • google maps, street view*
  • named marker
  • exact gps location
  • address
  • phone number
  • mobile number
  • fax number*
  • skype link*
  • link to your e-mail
  • link to your website*
  • links to facebook and twitter*
  • links to google+ and youtube*
  • public transport information
  • dublin bus and luas live link
  • link to free qr readers
  • mykiuar code to share/copy
  • multi language*
  • * if applicable

scan and go!

Scan the mykiuar code of brochures, flyers, posters, tickets, newspapers, banners, displays, rollups, magazines, parking tickets, cars, trucks, trailers, containers, boats, invoices and delivery slips, business cards.......and go!

scan and go!
scan and share!

scan and share!

Scan the mykiuar code of mobiles, laptops, iPads, or tablets of your friends to share the information - or share the code image or link on social networks like Twitter, Facebook and Google+

scan and remember!

Scan the mykiuar code of restaurants, shops, boutiques, parking lots, museums, galleries, exhibitions, hotels, motels, B&B, properties or tourist informations to remember or find your way back to a place.

scan and remember!

The price!

Minimum order: €120,00 for 3 years
in all non EU countries and in all EU countries with a valid VAT number

Minimum order: €120,00 for 3 years plus 23% VAT
in all EU countries without valid VAT number and in Ireland


One 1/3 A4 acrylic display dot two flyers 1/3 A4 with your custom mykiuar code dot one set of 8 stickers with your custom mykiuar code dot your companies custom mykiuar code in .pdf and .png format for print and online use dot social networks welcome for every new customer dot backlink to your website for better SE ranking dot mykiuar codes work with any free QR code reader and Google Chrome QR plug-in dot web based cross platform dot 99,9% server up-time dot W3C XHTML and CSS conform dot advertisement free dot three languages included dot more languages on request dot custom colors for the mykiuar stickers are available (c,m,y,k only!) at a one time set up fee dot custom stickers in sizes from 20mm x 22mm up to 150cm x 165cm are available by order.


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At present is available in the following countries:
Ireland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Poland, Turkey

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