How exact are the Geo Tags/ Locations?

Approximately 1-2m.



How exact are the receiving devices ?

Depending on the device there can be a big differences. Mobile phone gps receiver approx. ca. 15-20m daytime and 5-10m at night. GPS only devices can come down to 4-8m.



Where should I use the mykiuar stickers?

The best position would be at the entrance door or front windows of your shop at eye level. On company bikes, cars, trailers, rental equipment, ships, on the inside of hotel-, motel-, or b&b-rooms.........any where a customer can see them.



Can I provide my own images ?

No. All images are taken by our trained staff and will be updated from time to time to have a up-to-date images of your location.



What is the best format for my company logo/icon?

Formats from the best to the least: .eps/ .pdf/ .ai/ .png/ .gif/ .jpg
HiRes: 700x140px - min. 350x70



Can my company description contain images or links?




Do I need a website ?

No. mykiuar can be your website! The only thing you need is an E-Mail address.



Can you link to other social networks?

At present we can only link to company pages or channels of facebook, google+, twitter and youtube



I am moving to another location?

If you are moving to another location you can keep your mykiuar code.
We will change the data to your new location - at a small fee.
The mykiuar code can stay the same on business cards, flyers and all other advertising material.



I can not read the code with my device ?

Try one of our free readers that are available here. In some cases older mobile phones do not have a sufficient camera resolution.



Can I have my own company name as link in the URL of mykiuar?

At present no.



I have paid - when will my site be online?

Approximately in 3-4 working days after we have received your payment, providing you have submitted all the required information.



Can I change my data?

Yes - please contact your local sales rep or send an E-Mail to:
Two changes a year are for free.



How can I link from my website to my mykiuar site?

Just copy and paste one of the following codes into your HTML code:
Text link: mykiuar

<a href="http://mykiuar.com/cc/x123456/">mykiuar</a>

Substitute the last 12 (red) digits in the link with the last 12 digits of your URL.



Can I use my mykiuar code in my E-Mail or E-Mail signature?

Yes - drag or copy/paste the code image on the bottom right corner of your mykiuar page into your E-Mail/signature and resize if required.